What is The Google Screened Badge and How Is It Affecting Law Firms?

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There are only a handful of verticals that are eligible to become Google Screened and law firms are one of them however, Google will only “Screen” limited areas of practice and specific job types. To check your practice’s eligibility, click here

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How Is The Google Screened Badge Affecting Law Firms? 

For lawyers to become Google Screened, they must first pass Google’s thorough vetting process and once verified, practices are then awarded the Google Screened badge. This badge conveys trust and credibility to prospects searching for lawyers online. It lets them know that your firm can be trusted and that Google backs your business. The Google Screened program has changed the advertising landscape for attorneys nationwide, making it easier for them to attract qualified leads and get new clients. 

   How Can Attorneys Get Google Screened and Earn Their Google Screened Badge? 

To participate in the Google Screened program, lawyers must first pass Google’s qualification process which includes background checks, checks of their state bar membership, and liability insurance checks for the locations in which its required. It is critical to ensure your practice provides exactly what Google requires and although the verification process can be tedious and time consuming, Google partners such as OMG National can help fast-track the process, click here to check your eligibility. 

Lawyers, Here is How to Get Started with Google Screened:

The first step to becoming Google Screened is checking your practice’s eligibility – do you specialize in an area of law mentioned above? If so, you can begin the application process – to schedule a call with a Google Screened expert, click here or to check your eligibility, fill out the information below:

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