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Tap into Google's Trust Layer to drive calls, messages, and bookings to your business

Google’s Local Services Ads is a pay-per-lead program designed for home and professional service businesses throughout the country. OMG’s Local Service Ads product maximizes a business’s opportunity to receive qualified leads at the lowest possible cost. These leads are generated from Google’s new advertising inventory which display at the very top of search results. These are Google’s most trusted answers.

Get Your Google Badge Of Trust Now!

Google now prioritizes local businesses whose offline credibility can be verified. OMG focuses on helping businesses achieve this critical verification - the Google “Badge of Trust”. This powerful badge represents an evolution in search, with Google electing to promote companies that have met the highest standards for both consumer safety and quality of service.

OMG deploys product methodology that enables us to maximize our clients’ performance within a complex, auction-based, lead environment. Our team of industry experts monitors the most important factors which drive ad performance and ensure the highest return on investment for our advertisers. We accomplish this with a laser focus on maximizing, utilizing and pacing of our client’s budget. This includes our monitoring of the competitive environment and calculating OMG’s Response RateTM , fueling Google’s confidence in an advertiser.

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Is Your Business Trusted or Untrusted?

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    Acquire & Maintain the Google Badge of Trust

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    Deploy & Maximize Google Local Services Ads Profile

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    Conduct Marketplace Conditions Analysis

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    Establish Budget Requirements

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    Calculate Response Rate

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    Monitor Account Performance In Relation to Goals

Get Your Google Badge Of Trust Now!

The badge designation is quickly becoming the symbol of trust for Google users. Badges are earned within two distinct programs – Google Guaranteed for Home Service pros and Google Screened for Professional Service providers.

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