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Lawyers all over the country are now eligible to become Google Screened! Being Screened means being TRUSTED on Google. It also means that your practice will be featured at the very top of critical local search results with a Google Screened Badge.

The Google Screened badge lets consumers know that your firm has been vetted. It conveys credibility and gets you, new clients, fast! Are you Google Screened?

Get Started Now. Time is of the Essence!

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Display Credibility with Screened Badge

Show Up at Top of Search Results

Pay for Qualified Leads, Not For Clicks

Get Google to Back Your Business

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Bankruptcy Lawyers

Layer 3

Disability Lawyers

Layer 5

Litigation Lawyers

Layer 6

Real Estate Lawyers

Layer 2

Business Lawyers

Layer 7

DUI Lawyers

Layer 10

Tax Lawyers

Layer 9

Malpractice Lawyers

Layer 11

Contract Lawyers

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Estate Lawyers

Layer 13

Immigration Lawyers

Layer 15

Personal Injury Lawyers

Layer 16

Criminal Lawyers

Layer 20

Family Lawyers

Layer 17

Labor Lawyers

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Intellectual Property Lawyers

Benefits of the Badge

  • Ads display on the top of Google’s search results

  • Upgrade business status online to a trusted provider

  • Maintain an LSA business profile

  • Paying for leads, not clicks, on a cost-per-call or message basis

  • Demonstrate your company’s dedication to safety and service

Attorneys are now eligible to become Google Screened!

By doing so, they are conveying trust and credibility to prospects while appearing at the very top of Google’s Search results.

Job Categories:

Google Screened Approval Process for Lawyers

For lawyers and attorneys to qualify for the Google Screened badge and run LSA, service pros undergo an offline approval processes that OMG carefully oversees including:

  • Personal background checks
  • Business status check
  • General liability insurance certificate submissions, in certain categories
  • Checks to ensure that the businesses holds appropriate licenses