Paid Search Ads Now Occupy 100% of Mobile Search Screens

Google Ads is Google's advertising system that allows your business to appear at the top of Google search results (above organic listings), for the best keywords in the locations you choose. Statistics show that more than 40% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads in search results. OMG’s Google Ads product helps you generate quality leads from potential customers searching for your products and services. Ads are charged by the click and generate traffic immediately. These clicks turn into calls, website traffic or store visits that result in new customers.

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Features & Benefits

Robust Campaigns Built From Extensive Data

Your campaign is created on a foundation of what has been proven to work historically, which means a quicker return on your investment

Advanced AI Bidding Algorithm

Our advanced AI constantly monitors the market to determine the least expensive opportunities available to keep the cost of your clicks as low as possible.

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Advanced AI Conversion Algorithm

Our AI looks at the clusters of keywords, locations, device types, and other data points that are generating the calls/store visits you want.  Our system prioritizes our campaign to focus on what works for you, while cutting out what doesn’t.

Detailed Reporting

You are given full access to detailed reports including all keywords, ad copy, targeted locations, extensions, and more. 

KPI Metric Analysis

Having Key Performance Indicators is vital to understanding how well your account is performing. We utilize key performance indicators during the maintenance of your campaign which allows us to see what is working and where to make the necessary adjustments.

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Dedicated Google Analysts

Having a dedicated, in-house team behind you ensures that your campaign always has an eye watching over it to quickly respond to any issues and ensures that you are receiving the most conversions at the least cost. 

Call Recording and Rating

Clients have full access to call recordings to grade and rate calls.  Grading your calls teaches our AI what keywords & locations are most successful for your campaign's performance.

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Case Studies

Why Choose

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  • OMG helps you save money & time with ads

    Mastering Google Ads is like having another full-time job. Without proper knowledge, you can burn time & money fast. A poorly written Ad, the wrong keywords, or a poorly structured landing page can lead to a poor return on investment.  Our campaigns are optimized to deliver the best leads at the lowest costs while saving you time and energy.

  • We stay updated with the ever-changing Google Ads platform.

    Google updates algorithms, extensions, and campaign options frequently. We keep up with the latest trends, ensuring that your campaigns continue to perform.

  • We track better than any other agency.

    We ensure every call generated from our Google Ads campaign is tracked and recorded.  Other agencies only report total calls or a vague ‘conversion’ number while we look at quality calls vs hang ups and wrong numbers in addition to defining conversions specifically and according to your goals.

Our Campaigns are built from years of extensive research and data, backed by an advanced AI.

Our campaigns are built off of data collected for over a decade, covering thousands of campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t and we apply this knowledge to your ad campaign to maximize your success.

Our team creates 1000s of Keyword Variations .

 Keywords need to be optimized and very specific. We create geo-targeted keywords and match your specific product/service to cover any possible search a customer may have while keeping you out of irrelevant searches with a thorough negative keyword list.

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Our Team of Certified Google Analysts

Google Ads is a complex platform that requires experience & analytical knowledge to be successful.

There are 100s of different metrics provided by Google Ads. OMG National is proud to be recognized as a Certified Google Premier Partner.

Our skilled team of Certified Paid Search Analysts have years of experience using the Google Ads platform, building out every campaign with extreme detail and performing regular maintenance on each account; constantly detecting and fixing problems, identifying proper trends, and making sure your leads driven by the campaign are of high quality. View Google's Policy Working With Third Parties.

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