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75% of consumers will not consider your business without a website!

Without a website, you are missing out on one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with established customers and attract new ones. Our talented web team works diligently to create you a custom WordPress website that best represents your business, products, and services.

From the creation of your site map, to the writing of your website content, to your initial website design through website launch and ongoing maintenance, OMG will be by your side.

Features & Benefits

Professional SEO Copywriting

OMG creates professionally written content that is tailored to your industry and enhanced with relevant SEO keywords, helping your website be found by customers looking for your product or service.

Effective Lead Generation Forms

OMG develops prominent and effective lead generation forms that allows your website to capture information quickly and easily from potential customers visiting your website looking for your product or service. 

Mobile Responsive Website

Over 80% of users browse the internet using their mobile device. In line with industry standards and best practices, all OMG websites are responsively built to ensure an optimum mobile experience.

Managed Hosting

Included in our WebWorx package is a secured managed hosting environment where your website files are stored, monitored and maintained along with monthly file backups to ensure your files are kept safe.

Website Performance Reporting

Transparency is key in keeping you updated with how your business is performing. At OMG, we provide 24/7 access to the analytics of your website so you can see how many visitors and actions you are receiving on your website at any time.

Ongoing Plugin & WordPress Updates

At OMG National, we use the WordPress platform to develop and design a custom-tailored website that suits your needs. Within the platform, applications known as plugins are used to add custom functionality to the website. As a security protocol, these plugins need to be updated to ensure that the website is functioning optimally at all times.

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Custom Website Portfolio

OMG has created professional websites for businesses across a wide variety of industries to enhance their online presence. OMG’s Webworx focuses on creating, analyzing & maintaining an online presence for your business that will help you be found organically by potential customers searching for your service or product. From this organic market, these users can become leads through phone calls, form fills, and online purchases. 


Why Choose OMG National


Dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist

With our Webworx product, you are assigned a Digital Marketing Specialist that works with you to keep your website active, up-to-date and relevant.


Ongoing Techincal Support

With the constant changes in technology, issues may arise that can affect your website’s presence. Our expert team will handle all technical issues for you. 


Malware/Virus Protection

With monthly backups and daily monitoring, we ensure that in addition to being secured, your website is always kept free and clear of any malware or virus.

Web Revisions On The Go

Maintaining a regularly updated website is becoming increasingly important to maximizing your web presence and increasing your organic rank. OMG's WebWorx Professional allows you to make updates to your website on an ongoing basis, ensuring that information about your business is always kept  up-to-date.

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