People Are Searching Google for Your Business Online- Learn How to Turn Those into Quality Leads

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Statistics show that more than 90% of your customers are turning to Google, when they need a product or service. Think about how many Google Searches you’ve conducted when you’ve needed a product or service. With billions of small business related searches happening daily, is your business at the top, are you getting your share?  … Read more

All New Facebook Pro Product Strategically Designed to Locate Your Target Customers and Build Engagement

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Facebook is a powerful beast and OMG’s new Facebook Pro product has been strategically revamped to harness the true power behind it! OMG’s Facebook Pro leverages the billions of daily users on Facebook to locate your target customers, build meaningful engagement, and generate real results!   For small businesses, Facebook is more than just a social … Read more

Google Local Services Ads are Positioning Lawyers at The Very Top of Google Local Search Results, Is Your Practice Eligible?

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Google’s Screened and Local Services Ads programs were strategically designed to connect prospective clients online with professional service providers who offer the services the prospects are looking for.  Google Local Services Ads are positioning law firms across the country at the right time and of course, in the right place (the top of Google). But, … Read more