An on-demand pay-per-lead program and a constant flow of free calls!

There are two new types of sponsored ad units atop Google. They are businesses that are “Guaranteed” or “Screened”. They provide Google users who interact with the ads, an added sense of security and reliability. This change represents one of the biggest transformations to date in the local advertising industry. Google Calls Advisor is your opportunity to cash in early on this first-of-its-kind, pay-per-lead program, called Local Services Ads (LSA). Approved LSA advertisers are proudly displayed next to a green, check-mark Google badge on the top of search results.

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Get Your Google Badge Of Trust Now!

The badge designation is quickly becoming the symbol of trust for Google users. Badges are earned within two distinct programs – Google Guaranteed for Home Service pros and Google Screened for Professional Service providers.

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Benefits of the Badge

  • Guarantee

    Ads that display on TOP of Google’s search results

  • Guarantee

    Upgrade status to a trusted, Guaranteed or Screened provider

  • Guarantee

    Maintain a Local Services Ads business profile

  • Guarantee

    Pay for leads, not clicks, on a cost-per-call or message basis

  • Guarantee

    Demonstrate your company’s dedication to safety and service

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Google Screened is for Professional Services providers. This groundbreaking program is designed for lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents, photographers, event planners, and tax specialists.

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The Google Guarantee program now covers most home service categories. The badge for Guaranteed providers signifies that the business has been verified and Google backs the services the business provides.

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A Complete Solution to Drive Calls

  • Guarantee

    VIP Approval Process for Guarantee or Screened Badge

  • Guarantee

    Optimization of Local Services Ads Cost per Call campaign

  • Guarantee

    Track and Improve your GMB Local Rank for free calls

  • Guarantee

    Monitor, Get and Respond to Google Reviews and Q&A

  • Guarantee

    Provide Real-time Insights and Expert-level Support

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Improve GMB Rank and Generate Free Calls

OMG’s Google Calls Advisor will help local businesses improve their Google My Business (GMB) rank across a targeted geographic area. This product strives to drive more free calls to the business while LSA runs in the background. Our industry leading Local Rank Tracker will monitor both desktop and mobile rankings at different target geographic points that the business serves. Every month, OMG will perform a rank check for your business to see how our work translates into more calls for your business!

* = where applicable by state law. Google encourages you to review each provider’s profile to learn more about the licenses it has checked.

* = where applicable by state law. Google encourages you to review each provider’s profile to learn more about the licenses it has checked.

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