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What makes a local business trusted on Google? A badge.

The Google Badge is the centerpiece of what OMG calls the “trust layer”. This layer includes businesses that Google considers to be better safe, responsive, and reputable for consumers. The badge is a designation that is earned by a business owner within the distinct Guaranteed and Screened programs. The badge means that the business has passed the approval process and is eligible to display their badge in several different ways to promote the business to prospective customers.

Benefits of the Badge

  • Take advantage of advertising units that display on the top of Google’s search results

  • Upgrade your business status online as a trusted, Guaranteed or Screened provider

  • Maintain an LSA business profile which includes vital information about your business

  • Mitigate risk by paying for leads, not clicks, on a cost-per-call basis

  • Demonstrate your commitment of quality, safety, and trustworthiness to the communities you serve

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Badge Approval Process

To qualify for the badge, service pros undergo an examination that we as marketers, technologists, and business owners may find uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you are a user of Google and in need of a trusted pro, you will likely find the qualification process quite comforting. Getting the badge is a success for a business. The badge is a symbol of trust that is transportable. In fact, Google has already publicly flirted with plans for business owners to be able to display their badge on their GMB page. The badge is a designation that will live with the business, irrespective of how much they use LSA.

Getting to the top of the search results pages is important, but first, you have to be prepared for the following off-line approval processes:

Personal identity and background checks for authorized representatives of the business and any “field workers” that interact with the customer in a transactional setting.

Business status check relating to litigation history, judgements and liens filed against it.

General liability insurance certificate submissions, in certain categories, with variable minimums.

Checks to ensure that the businesses holds appropriate licenses at the appropriate federal, state, county, and city levels.

OMG National cuts through all the complexity and makes it easy for a business to get the Google Badge of Trust!