Unlocking the Power of Google Screened for Attorneys: A Game Changer in Legal Advertising

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In today’s digital age, attorneys and law firms are constantly seeking new ways to stay ahead in the highly competitive legal landscape. One such innovation that has been making waves in the legal advertising arena is Google Screened for Attorneys. This groundbreaking program has brought about a paradigm shift, redefining the way attorneys establish trust … Read more

Google Local Services Ads are Positioning Lawyers at The Very Top of Google Local Search Results, Is Your Practice Eligible?

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Google’s Screened and Local Services Ads programs were strategically designed to connect prospective clients online with professional service providers who offer the services the prospects are looking for.  Google Local Services Ads are positioning law firms across the country at the right time and of course, in the right place (the top of Google). But, … Read more

What is The Google Screened Badge and How Is It Affecting Law Firms?

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There are only a handful of verticals that are eligible to become Google Screened and law firms are one of them however, Google will only “Screen” limited areas of practice and specific job types. To check your practice’s eligibility, click here.  How Is The Google Screened Badge Affecting Law Firms?  For lawyers to become Google … Read more

What is Google Screened for Attorneys?

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Many attorneys are asking themselves “what is Google Screened for Attorneys and how do I become Screened?”. This is a hot topic that has changed the advertising landscape for lawyers and attorneys nationwide.  To put it simply, Google Screened for Attorneys is a program designed by Google to help firms build their trust and reputation … Read more