A New Look for Local Services Ads! Important Changes

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Digital Marketing: A Constantly Changing Landscape: As Local Services Ads (LSA) ages as a platform, we’re reminded that Digital Marketing is a field in which major players such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft make frequent changes. We understand that these changes can be overwhelming and confusing to our clients who have enough to keep track … Read more

Google adds Dental Professionals to its Local Services Ads Program

Google Local Services Ads for Dentists - OMG National

Introducing the all new “VERIFIED BY GOOGLE” Advertising Program for Dentists. Connecting your practice to new patients at warp speed! We’re thrilled to announce a Powerful new opportunity for applicable clients & new customers alike:  Dentists have been added as a new category to Local Services Ads by Google, available for sign-up today (Nationwide) in … Read more