Harness The Power of Google for YOUR Business

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There are days when anyone who is of a certain age, and who is in business, will harken back to the “good ole days”. Those far-flung memories of a time when things were simpler, cost less, and where the one-two punch of providing great service and working hard, were enough to ensure your success. Well, … Read more

A Tale of Two Ad Types – Choosing the Right Google Ad Solution

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As we know, Google is the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Internet Advertising. Knowing how to harness the power and where to invest your precious marketing dollars is one of the most important decisions you can make. Pick the right solution, have it built out and launched properly, and continue to optimize it, stay organized with … Read more

Advertising During Difficult Times

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August 5, 2022 Turn on the news these days and surely, you’ll see it, a debate about whether we are, or are not in the grips of a recession. Economists like to argue semantics and evaluate GDP, job numbers and alike, but regardless, we can all feel it, something in the air, the hazy, dull … Read more

5 Warning Signs That it Could Be Time to Select a new Google Ads Specialist


Few advertising options have become as powerful for small businesses as Google Ads. Creating a winning campaign on your own has changed drastically over the years, and for most business owners, simply taking a look inside of Google’s Ad Manager can be overwhelming. With decades of hands-on experience, the certified Google Ads pros at OMG … Read more

You Gotta Pay, If You Wanna Play


Local businesses have had to adapt to a major shift in Google’s first page search results. The change is simple to see and understand, requiring a different approach, mindset and budget than what was required just 5 years ago. You gotta pay, if you wanna play. Google pioneered the concept of internet advertising. With its … Read more