Google adds Dental Professionals to its Local Services Ads Program

Introducing the all new “VERIFIED BY GOOGLE” Advertising Program for Dentists. Connecting your practice to new patients at warp speed!

We’re thrilled to announce a Powerful new opportunity for applicable clients & new customers alike: 

  • Dentists have been added as a new category to Local Services Ads by Google, available for sign-up today (Nationwide) in the United States!

If you are a Dentist and seeking new patients, you know that the competition online can be fierce. Local Services Ads by Google (LSAs) are here to transform how Dentists connect to potential patients seeking top-notch care from a Trusted Dental Care Professional.

LSAs are powerful Ads at the very top of Google’s Results that have already transformed Online Advertising in a number of different industries and professions. Google’s December release now includes dentists as its latest available category and has created a new moniker for dental pro’s called Verified by Google, adding to its Google Screened and Google Guaranteed ad descriptions. Specifically, these ads have made transactions between consumers and businesses faster, and safer than ever before. Its focus is simple yet effective: high-quality leads ready to engage via phone call with high quality providers.

OMG National’s track record of specialization and focus with other subsets of LSA – Google Guaranteed & Google Screened, has already earned us the trust of hundreds of happy clients in the home and professional services arena. We’ve gained widespread  recognition within the industry, leading the growth of this new ad segment and working one-on-one with Google’s newest team. We are now poised to excel for those forward thinking dental professionals who are looking for an edge over the competition.

Our years of experience have resulted in specialization within Google’s LSA Platform, allowing us to configure and to optimize these ads consistently, earning our clients more calls. For Dentists, this means that we will ensure your ads are presented for maximum efficiency, and are paired with digital strategies which will complement your overall online identity. The goal is simply to grow your practice with a healthy supply of qualified phone calls from prospective patients who are eager to engage with you for Professional Dental care.

This news brings with it several important takeaways for the Dental Industry:

  • After completing verifications, Dentists will have a chance to compete with each other in order to show up at the top of the page for queries such as: “Dentist near me
  • After completing verifications, your Dental Practice’s listing will include a new Badge of Trust “Licenses Verified by Google” bolstering your credibility to future patients
  • In case potential patients want more information, they can follow a link to your practice’s website by way of the LSA Profile in order to learn more
  • Your Dental Practice will be visible to potential patients on the go both on Mobile devices and Desktop computers, increasing your visibility across devices
  • Finding new patients who can benefit from your top-notch care just got energized by some of the most advanced technology in the Marketing Technology space
  • As we’ve seen with other industries, this popular real estate at the top of the page is highly in demand. Getting started early helps us provide our clients with a First Mover’s Advantage – less competition & more fresh leads that our clients can turn into happy patients.
  • Your services are set up as “job types”, enabling you to zero in on the types of calls you really want and helping to ensure that you aren’t spending your precious ad dollars attracting calls for types of services that you don’t want. 
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How do Dentists Earn The “Licenses Verified by Google” Badge of Trust?

Historically, LSA Advertisers have had to complete License, Insurance, & background checks in order to advertise on the platform with few exceptions. The reason for these safeguards is to help consumers feel confident when contacting a business through the platform. Not much has changed for this new category.

In order to advertise on the LSA Platform with the Badge of Trust, Dentists must undergo the following checks: 

  • Background check
  • License check
  • Insurance check
  • Verification of the Dentist’s National Provider Identifier (NPI).


  • Dentists are required to hold both General Liability and Professional Liability insurance in order to be granted entry to the platform 

As a trusted Google Partner, OMG National helps eligible practices across the country through the onboarding and application process, as well as with the ongoing management of their Google Local Service campaign. We work to ensure that the badge of trust is maintained and that the ads run seamlessly. Full-time, Google certified team members will provide a personal, white glove onboarding process. Then, a robust product methodology is applied, ensuring the rollout of an optimized campaign, with transparent Proof-of-work & Proof-of-performance always available to you through OMGinSite, our state-of-the-art client facing portal.

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What are the available “job types” for dentists within the program?

A special feature of the LSA Platform is that Dentists are not “stuck” into fixed services which they must offer. Instead, the Dental category comes with preset services which can be easily toggled on or off. Simply turn off or disable the services your practice does not or would not like to perform & enable the services relevant to your practice. Even better, an OMG Digital Marketing Specialist can guide you through the Mobile App in order to customize this on-the-go with your fingertips and on your schedule.

Below are the supported services, both listed & pictured:

Bad Breath, Chipped Tooth, Crowns, Dental Implants, Dry Mouth, Gum Bleeding, Missing Teeth Evaluation, Root Canal, Teeth Cleaning, Tooth Decay, Tooth Infection, Tooth Sensitivity, Cavities, Cracked Tooth, Dental checkup, Dentures, Fillings, Gum Disease, Mouth Sores, Sealants, Teeth Whitening, Tooth Extraction, & Tooth Pain.

Pictured Below: This new category offers a variety of services to Dentists looking to take on more patients for care. These services can be opted into or disabled on the fly, depending on the specialities, capabilities, and needs of the practice. 

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