Chiropractors: Find & Keep More Patients with Local Services Ads!

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As a Chiropractor, you intimately understand the power of your work. Chiropractic care provided by experienced professionals can restore proper alignment & improve the body’s overall function. This field of care can provide invaluable relief for headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and many other painful conditions.  More importantly, you deeply understand the magnitude of positive … Read more

From Clicks to Calls: How LSAs Can Drive Patient Growth for Dermatologists

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If you work within or alongside a Dermatology Practice, you’ve probably seen or heard how relieved a patient can be when something as seemingly unassuming as a skin tag is removed for a patient. This field is a perfect example of how seemingly small changes can make drastic increases in both Quality-of-life & happiness of … Read more

Local Services Ads: An Innovative tool for Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) to Find Patients Online!

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Local Services Ads (LSAs) have revolutionized the way businesses advertise, and now they’re making waves in the healthcare industry too. LSAs are highly visible ads that appear at the top of search results for high-intent local searches, such as “Primary Care Physician near me.” Unlike traditional Google Ads, LSAs are split into three categories: Google … Read more

LSAs for Optometrists! A Fresh Look at Advertising for Eye-Care Professionals!

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Local Services Ads (LSAs) are extremely disruptive Trusted ads that appear at the very top of Search Results for high-intent local searches such as “Optometrist near me.”  Historically, these new visual & engaging ads have been split into two categories: Google Guaranteed for the trades and Google Screened for Professional Services such as Lawyers & … Read more