Dietitians – Connect with more patients via Local Services Ads!

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As a Dietitian or Nutritionist, you intimately understand the magic of enabling a patient to thrive with good nutrition. Whether it’s the intricate importance of making sure Mom is getting the right nutrients to support baby’s development (prenatal nutrition) or managing the diet of a complex inflammatory condition such as Chron’s or Ulcerative colitis, this field is in the business of changing lives for good.

The Power of Google Verified Local Services Ads for Dietitians

Imagine if you could take on 3 new patients monthly. What about 5? 10? Local Services Ads (LSAs) are highly disruptive and visible ads at the very top of Google’s search results. They show up for local transactional search queries like “Dietitian near me.” What’s even better is that Trusted LSA results show at the very top of the page. This means bypassing the noise of traditional Google Ads, Maps, and even true organic results.

Because of their visibility and inherent trust, helped by the fact that these ads deliver live conversations with potential patients, not clicks, LSAs are a fan favorite by so many industries they’ve previously rolled-out to. We’re extremely excited to announce that these new Ads just opened to Dietitians!

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It gets better than just being seen at the very top of Google’s search results, and even better than receiving calls from folks looking for a Dietitian to work with. Since this is brand new, the markets are virtually empty, which means that you could be among the first Dietitian to take advantage of this heightened exposure. Some things in life really aren’t too good to be true. Local Services Ads is one of those. 

Your practice would have to undergo a series of checks which we’d guide you through and help make easy for you. After you’ve been through the onboarding process, your practice receives the coveted “Verified by Google” badge of trust! This allows you to show at the very top, earning more chances to connect & further potential patients’ lives for the better. 

Target Your Ideal Patients with Customized LSA Focus Areas

On top of being visual, engaging, and primely situated at the top of the page, these ads work on a simple Category to service premise. You’d simply enable the focus-areas you want to target and disable the ones you don’t! Options include: Bariatric Nutrition, Cancer Nutrition, Crohn’s Disease Nutrition, Diabetes Self Management, Failure to Thrive Nutrition Counseling, Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss nutrition counseling, Body Composition Analysis, Celiac Disease Nutrition, Diabetes Nutrition, Eating Disorders Nutrition Counseling, Nutrition Counseling, Prenatal Nutrition, Ulcerative Colitis Nutrition, & Weight Management Counseling. 

Verified by Google is about changing ways medical professionals acquire and maintain new patients online. Opportunities such as this one do not strike often, and when they do, it’s important that we make the most of it (especially for industries that do genuine good in the world!) Please do not wait for your competitors to start utilizing LSA and soak up traffic. Reach out today and help us use our decades of experience in Digital advertising to help you reach more patients!

Pictured: Focus-areas within Local Services Ads (License Verified by Google) for Dietitians. Please note that you can enable or disable specific areas of focus, resulting in being able to customize the types of calls you’ll receive. 

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