Get More Visibility and Patient Calls with LSAs for Ophthalmologists!

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As an ophthalmologist, you know how important it is to provide top-notch eye care to your patients. But in today’s digital age, it can be challenging to connect with potential patients who are searching online for eye doctors in their area. This is where Local Services Ads (LSAs) can help. This newest advertising platform in the Google ecosystem has now expanded to medical professionals, including both Opthamologists & Optometrists, bringing fresh opportunity with it. 

Why Choose LSAs for Your Ophthalmology Practice?

LSAs are a type of highly visible online ad that appears at the top of search results for high-intent local searches, such as “Ophthalmologists near me.” These ads are designed to generate calls from potential patients, not just clicks, making them an excellent option for bottom-funnel inquiries. Plus, LSAs are more cost-effective and impactful than traditional Google Ads, and they convey an added trust factor that helps establish credibility and authority.

LSAs are categorized into three groups: Google Guaranteed for trades, Google Screened for professional services like law and finance, and License Verified by Google for selected healthcare providers, including ophthalmologists. This verification helps to differentiate your practice from competitors, which can be a game-changer for attracting new patients. Since Ophthalmologists are a brand new category, early adopters benefit from “first mover’s advantage” which means enjoying less competition and being able to soak up more of available lead volume.

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LSAs offer the unique advantage of showing up at the very top of search results across devices. This means that potential patients searching for eye care services in your area will see your ad first, making it more likely that they’ll call your practice instead of a competitor’s. Showing at the top also means coming ahead on visibility when compared to older layers within Google Search such as Google Ads (Pay-per-click) , Google Maps (Organic), & even the true Organic results!

This means your ophthalmology practice can easily connect with patients who are searching for your services online. These ads also allow you to target specific focus areas, such as: LASIK Surgery, Blepharitis Treatment, Dry Eyes Treatment,Floaters Treatment, Macular Degeneration Treatment, Vision Loss Treatment, Cataract Surgery, Eye Infection Treatment, Glaucoma Treatment, Lens Replacement. This is especially impactful because it allows you to focus on the pulse of what potential patients need while avoiding wasted clicks as with Google Ads.

Partner with OMG National for LSA Success

At OMG National, we understand your passion for providing exceptional eye care to your patients. That’s why we’re committed to leveraging our years of experience and expertise in Digital Advertising to help ophthalmology practices like yours connect with more patients and realize more continued success along the way. We believe in empowering small to medium-sized businesses, like your practice, to achieve their goals and grow their patient base.

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Utilizing these new LSA ads has historically been simpler and more effective than traditional Google Ads. You can easily opt into the key services you want to provide and opt out of the ones you don’t want to take on more patients for, all with the click of a button. You’ll also have an eager and energetic Digital Marketing Specialist from our team guiding you through the process and communicating tangible results.

In summary, LSAs are a powerful tool for ophthalmologists looking to grow their practice and connect with new patients online. By leveraging this opportunity, you can unlock patient growth, increase your credibility, and establish your authority as a leading eye care provider in your local area. Please connect with us today to learn more about how we can help your Ophthalmology practice achieve its goals through LSAs! 

Pictured: Key areas of focus for Eye Doctors. Please Note that you can configure these areas of focus per the needs of your practice. 

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