The Complete Solution to Put Your Business In Front of New Customers & Ahead of Competition

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  Now more than ever, individuals rely on social platforms and search engines when searching for products and services – the days of yellow pages and 411 have become just about obsolete; is your business harnessing the power of both search and social platforms?  There are billions of daily users on both Google and Facebook … Read more

Make Sure Your Business is Found & Selected, Online!

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If your business isn’t being found online, it’s definitely not being selected. What if I told you there is a proven and powerful solution which will ensure your company is found and selected?  This solution is increasing engagement for companies every month, adding more phone calls, booking more appointments, providing greater reach and ultimately, additional … Read more

OMG’s 10 Tips for Local Business Success in 2020

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Google My Business (GMB) is the most important property for a local businesses on the Internet.  Tip 1: GMB is not static, it is a dynamic property and requires business interaction. Having a GMB page is not enough to be successful. Businesses must interact with their GMB page through review responses, rich content, and social … Read more