The Complete Solution to Put Your Business In Front of New Customers & Ahead of Competition

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Now more than ever, individuals rely on social platforms and search engines when searching for products and services – the days of yellow pages and 411 have become just about obsolete; is your business harnessing the power of both search and social platforms? 

There are billions of daily users on both Google and Facebook and OMG National’s Local Marketing Essentials program is a complete solution to put your business in front of new customers and ahead of your competition. 

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There are two main components within OMG’s Local Marketing Essentail’s product – SEARCH and SOCIAL to make sure your business is ranking on Google and taking full advantage of Facebook’s power for small businesses. 

First, the search component, Google My Business (GMB)…. One of the most powerful tools online to help businesses rank higher and get new customers. Google My Business is a set of tools to manage your complete business presence across Google Search and Map properties. 

To generate real results, your business rank must be towards the top and at OMG, we’ve got the solution to get your business there and it’s all included within our LME product: 

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While optimizing your GMB and increasing your presence across online search platforms, it’s just as important to harness the power of social. With billions of daily users across Facebook, OMG simultaneously leverages the power behind it to locate your target customers and create more meaningful customer interactions that generate real results all while increasing your rank on Google:

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