February 2019: Turn Gold into Hold! [On-Hold Telephone Messages]

2020 01 20

What do your callers hear while they are on-hold? If your business has a phone system with a hold button and you are not leveraging that advertising opportunity, let’s discuss. OMG has been producing custom telephone on-hold messages since 1990! We were producing on-hold messages well before the internet age. A good telephone on-hold message … Read more

February 2019: Website Update Frequency [WebWorx]

2020 01 20

We get this question all the time: How often should I change my website? If your site still has animated gifs or “trailing mouse” movement, we’d advise that you make changes TODAY! However, if your site is more up to date than that, expert researchers recommend a makeover every 2 to 3 years. Most successful … Read more