Does Google Trust Your Business?

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2021 has brought the biggest change to Google’s search results in 20-years.The change is in the way customers will see your business…as Trusted or UnTrusted. This change is presented to consumers with the iconic Google Badge of TrustThis little green check packs a lot of power and answers a critical question for consumers, can I … Read more

Sneaky, Sneaky – Google’s Badge of Trust Spotted (Again) within Google My Business


Here at OMG, we love to keep our readers abreast of what’s going on in Google’s ecosystem. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Google Guaranteed badge and where it’s been spotted recently. First, it’s important to establish some context and a timeline: the Google Guarantee badge has historically been associated with … Read more

Google Update: Local Services Ads – How They Will Impact Your Business

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With Google, change is constant. That change has come once again to the world of Local Search, with two varieties of Google’s Local Service Ads: Google Screened and Google Guaranteed. These first ever, pay-per-call ads from Google, have changed the local search environment in a significant way.  Today, businesses who are “Screened” or “Guaranteed” are … Read more