Google Local Services Ads that WILL Get Your Business to the TOP!

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When looking for a service company, whether it be professional or home-services related, consumers turn to Google, and studies show that they’re choosing the company that appears in one of the top three positions. Local Services Ads are changing the advertising landscape for both home and professional service providers. Pay only for the leads that … Read more

OMG’s 10 Tips for Local Business Success in 2020

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Google My Business (GMB) is the most important property for a local businesses on the Internet.  Tip 1: GMB is not static, it is a dynamic property and requires business interaction. Having a GMB page is not enough to be successful. Businesses must interact with their GMB page through review responses, rich content, and social … Read more

The Google Guarantee is Good for Everyone!

The Google Guarantee is Good for Everyone! Over the last few years, consumers have been given access to resources that past generations never even imagined. The internet has revolutionized the consumer buying experience, and with the advances in mobile technology, people are Googling every product and service to find “online deals” and “the best… ” … Read more