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Google Calls Advisor is OMG National's Flagship Product. It gives you the best of Google Advertising and Google Organic in a single product.

It is designed to put your business in front of customers that are actively looking for your service on the most used search platform in the world - not only once, but twice. Some people click on the first thing they see (Ads), and we'll put you there with Local Services Ads...some people scroll past the ads and click on the maps, and we'll put you there with Google Business Pro. Google Calls Advisor is a package that combines Local Services Ads and Google Business Pro and gets the phone ringing and the customers coming in.

Right Pool Care is a pool company on our Google Calls Advisor package, and he ranked #1 in the ads and #1 in the maps. 1 month after signing up they received 33 paid leads through Local Services Ads and 53 free leads through Google Business Pro.

What Does This Package Include?

Separately we price Local Services Ads at $349 and Google Business Pro at $399, but this package combines the two for an unbelievably low cost of only $499 per month. We are so confident in our product's performance, that we offer this with no strings attached, no contractual terms, everything is month to month.

VIP LSA Approval

Feature: Get through Google's LSA Application Process in as little as 2-3 weeks' time

Benefit: Instead of waiting months to be approved for Local Services Ads, your business will get approved and the phone ringing in a matter of weeks.

Proprietary LSA Bid Logic

Feature: Our knowledgeable LSA Experts will apply conditional bid logic to your LSA Profile

Benefit: Get more leads for less cost.

LSA Profile Optimization

Feature: We build your profile with best practices, optimize your profile on a consistent basis, and maintain/grow your rank to top positions.

Benefit: Always appear on Google's first page, generating you more and more customers.

VIP GBP Buildout

Feature: Complete Google Business Profile Build complete with products, profile attributes, regular and holiday hours, years in business, and more.

Benefit: Google wants to display accurate information. When your profile is built out to its maximum Google will list your business ahead of your competitors. Your profile will also be more attractive to potential customers who will click your profile and contact your business for service.

Review Solicitation

Feature: We will text your customers with a review link to get more reviews to your GBP and LSA Profiles

Benefit: More reviews help you stay at the top of Google. Reviews matter to consumers, especially recent reviews. Most consumers do not consider a review over 90 days old to be relevant anymore.

OMG Listing Network

Feature: We list you on 72 additional directory and listing websites including Apple Maps and voice search like Siri and Alexa.

Benefit: Be found everywhere your customers are looking. Google looks to these other websites and considers them trusted sources, which in turn will boost your rank and get your business seen by more and more potential customers.

Review Management

Feature: Every review received will be responded to with a keyword strategy in place.

Benefit: Show customers you care what they think, and more importantly - show future customers you care. Responding with a keyword strategy helps your business rank higher for the keywords that get you customers.

Content Strategy

Feature: We post products and services, ask and answer questions on Google's Q&A, and consistently upload new images to your GBP.

Benefit: Using all these resources ensures your business is seen at the top for more and more searches, which means more and more customers calling you for jobs.


Feature: Websites need high-quality images, clear business information, and a clickable phone number with a call to action. We will provide one to you for free with this product.

Benefit: Don't lose a customer because of not having a website, or having a poorly designed website.

GCA also provides you with a full team of 9 people dedicated to your success.

Onboarding Specialist

Your Onboarding Specialist will research your business and your industry, get you through the LSA Application Process and get access to your Google Business Profile. They will start you on your journey to success.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Your Digital Marketing Specialist is the Quarterback on the team. Once you are up and running this is your one point of contact, a strategist you can call, email, or text anytime. They will help you understand what is going on, provide you with answers to any question, and orchestrate your desires across our product team.

Web Developer

Your Web Developer is responsible for creating and optimizing your new website. They will make sure your site is stunning and more importantly delivers new customers.

Optimization Specialist

Your Optimization Specialist is responsible for maintaining and optimizing not just your Google Business Profile but the 72 other directories and listings across the web. They will work tirelessly to get your business to the top of Google.

Publishing Specialist

Your Publishing Specialist is responsible for creating and posting content on both your Google Business Profile and the OMG Listing Network. This content will attract new customers and help increase your rank for the most important keywords to your business.

LSA Analyst

Your LSA Analyst gets your profile to the top of Google and keeps it there, where you will get the most customers. They review your competition and apply our proprietary bid logic to get you the most bang, for the least buck.

Review Specialist

Your Review Specialist will send texts to your customers and drive more and more reviews to your GBP and LSA Profiles. They will respond to your reviews and flag any negative reviews in an attempt to remove them.

LSA Product Manager

Your LSA Product Manager is a Google Product Expert specifically focused on applying the best and most up-to-date methods to your LSA Profile.

GBP Product Manager

Your GBP Product Manager is a Google Product Expert specifically focused on getting the most out of your Google Business Profile.

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