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Google Calls Advisor is OMG National's Flagship Product. It gives you the best of Google Advertising and Google Organic in a single product.

It is designed to put your business in front of customers that are actively looking for your service on the most used search platform in the world - not only once, but twice. Some people click on the first thing they see (Ads), and we'll put you there with Local Services Ads...some people scroll past the ads and click on the maps, and we'll put you there with Google Business Pro. Google Calls Advisor is a package that combines Local Services Ads and Google Business Pro and gets the phone ringing and the customers coming in.

Right Pool Care is a pool company on our Google Calls Advisor package, and he ranked #1 in the ads and #1 in the maps. 1 month after signing up they received 33 paid leads through Local Services Ads and 53 free leads through Google Business Pro.

What Does This Package Include?

Separately we price Local Services Ads at $349 and Google Business Pro at $399, but this package combines the two for an unbelievably low cost of only $499 per month. We are so confident in our product's performance, that we offer this with no strings attached, no contractual terms, everything is month to month.

GCA also provides you with a full team of 9 people dedicated to your success.

Your Onboarding Specialist will research your business and your industry, get you through the LSA Application Process and get access to your Google Business Profile. They will start you on your journey to success.

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