What’s The Google Screened Badge and How Is It Affecting Funeral Homes?

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Only select business categories are eligible to become Google Screened, earn their badge of trust, and launch Google Local Services Ads. Google has recently expanded their list of eligible categories and Funeral Homes are now an eligible category! 

You might be asking yourself, “What is Google Screened for Funeral Homes”? or “What are Google Local Services Ads for Funeral Homes?” and as a Trusted Google Partner,  you’re in the right place to check your eligibility and learn how your business can get to the TOP of Google Local Search results, convey trust and credibility, and generate qualified leads on a pay-per-lead basis! 

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The Google Screened program was strategically designed to help eligible businesses build their reputation, trust, and credibility online by letting prospects know Google backs your business, positioning you at the very top of Google Local Search results with Google Local Services Ads, and generating qualified leads! The Google Screened program connects eligible funeral homes with prospects who search on Google for the services your business offers.

Funeral homes that become Google Screened will then become eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads which will position your business at the very top of relevant search results – these appear above all organic and paid search results as well as above the map packs! 

Google Local Services Ads for funeral homes prevent wasted money on clicks or spam, your company will only be responsible to pay for qualified leads and they’re charged on a pay-per-lead basis! You’re only responsible for qualified leads that come in for the services you choose to advertise and if you get a non-legitimate call, we’re happy to dispute them for you on your behalf!

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Are you ready to position your funeral home at the VERY top of Google while building credibility and trust with prospects online?  As a Trusted Google Partner, give us a call today to check your eligibility and start generating qualified leads!

To learn more about the features and benefits of becoming Google Screened, launching Google Local Service Ads, and to check your funeral home’s eligibility, give us a call for a complimentary consultation with one of our Google Local Service Ad experts, 800-789-461

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