What is Google Screened & What Are Google Local Services Ads for Funeral Homes?

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You’ve likely encountered Google Local Services Ads when searching online for either professional or home services; Google Local Services Ads are the ads that appear at the VERY top of local search results, even above the paid ads and map packs!

 These ads are launched on a pay-per-lead basis and have proven to generate QUALITY leads like no other ad set to date – Google has been extremely selective in which industries are eligible to launch these ads and have most recently expanded the opportunity to funeral homes!

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Google Local Services Ads are creating a tremendous opportunity for funeral homes to be positioned at the top of local search results and connect with prospects who are searching on Google for the services their company offers. To ensure Google is positioning only the most trustworthy and credible businesses at the top, funeral companies must first be Google Screened before they become eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads. 

For funeral homes to become Google Screened, they must pass Google’s thorough screening  process which includes a series of vetting questions, background checks, insurance requirements, and in many cases, other verification qualifiers. This process can be tedious but the results have been proven to be well worth it and as a Trusted Google Partner, OMG National, is qualified to handle this process on behalf of our clients and offers a seamless VIP approval process!

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How Do Google Local Services Ads Work For Funeral Companies?

Once your funeral business is verified and you’ve earned your Google Badge of Trust, you will become eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads. These ads are launched on a pay-per-lead basis and you choose your budget. As if that doesn’t sound compelling enough….your company is only responsible for qualified leads that come in, no more wasting money on clicks or spam.

However, to leverage the benefits of these ads, it is crucial that your Local Services Ads are set up the right way and even the smallest details can make a huge impact on the effectiveness of these ads. Funeral homes must select only the services they are looking to offer as well as the service areas – this ensures they will only be appearing in relevant searches and will position the company to dispute any invalid leads that may come in. 

You choose the services and geographic area you’d like to target and if you receive an inquiry through your Google Local Services Ads that does not fall within the services or geographic area you chose to target, you will be entitled to a future ad credit for the same dollar amount. As a Trusted Google Partner, OMG National will walk you through the dispute resolution process and ensure you are only paying for qualified leads at the lowest cost possible!  

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