What is Google Guaranteed for Moving Companies?

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Select professional service providers are now eligible to participate in the Google Guaranteed program and by now, you might’ve seen other professional service providers offering their services at the VERY top of Google with Google Local Services Ads, they look like the image below: 

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Prospects looking for moving services typically turn to Google and you may be wondering how you can get your moving company up there… You’re in the right place and as a Trusted Google Partner, we are fully qualified to not only explain what the Google Guaranteed program is or how your moving company can go about launching Google Local Services Ads (LSA) but….we can also handle the complete application process and LSA management for you!

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So, what is Google Guaranteed for Movers? 

The Google Guaranteed program was launched to connect TRUSTED professional service providers with prospects searching for the services they offer online. For moving companies to become Google Guaranteed, they must first pass Google’s screening and verification process which includes background checks, license checks, and in some cases insurance checks as well as other qualifiers.

The application is tedious however if leveraged correctly the results have been proven to more than pay off. Movers who pass the verification process will become Google Guaranteed, earn a Google Badge of Trust, and become eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads (the ads that appear at the VERY top of Google Local Search Results). 

As a trusted Google Partner, OMG National, is qualified to help moving companies through the verification and approval process in order to not only earn but also maintain and leverage the Badge of Trust and keep their ads running seamlessly as well as profitably. 

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Individuals are more reliant on Google than ever before and if your moving company isn’t appearing in the right place at the right time (at the top of Google Search Results when prospects are searching for the moving services your business offers), they’re likely choosing your competitors. The Google Guaranteed program for moving companies was strategically designed to not only ensure eligible moving companies are appearing in the right place at the right time but that they are conveying trust and credibility to prospective clients by letting them know that Google backs their business. 

Movers across the country are becoming Google Guaranteed and launching Google Local Services ads to connect with new qualified leads and the best part about it is, LSA ads are not only positioned at the TOP (even above paid ads) but are on a pay-per-lead basis. 

To learn more about the Google Guaranteed program for moving companies and launching Google Local Services Ads for your business, give us a call for a complimentary consultation with one of our Google Guaranteed experts, 800-789-4619.

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