What Are Google Local Services Ads & How Are They Positioning Businesses at The TOP of Google?

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Trust, credibility, and reach are three of the critical components that businesses must consider when consumers are searching online. When a potential client is searching online and your business does not appear to be credible or trustworthy, do you think they will click or call? 

With increased competition and the ability to search so quickly on a variety of devices and search terms, it is more critical than ever to make sure your business is appearing at the top, conveying trust, and credibility –GOOGLE LOCAL SERVICES ADS are making that easier for eligible businesses to do now more than ever. 

With 5.6 billion searches per day, Google is eager to convey trust to prospects searching online and Local Services Ads do just that by building credibility for eligible businesses and positioning them in the right place at the right time! Are you qualified to be a part of the GOOGLE LOCAL SERVICE ADS rollout?

What Are Google Local Services Ads & How Are They Positioning Businesses at The TOP?

Google’s Local Services Ads are a form of paid search ads and are launched on a pay-per-lead basis with a budget you choose. These ads have changed the advertising landscape for eligible industries nationwide, click below to check your company’s eligibility and to start generating qualified leads!

Google Local Services Ads help you connect with customers online who are searching for the services you offer. Your ads will be positioned at the VERY TOP of search results and show up only for customers in your service area, for the jobs you desire, and you’re only responsible to pay for qualified leads that come in! Amazing! Our clients say this is the most cost effective & efficient way to advertise on GOOGLE!

Remember, these unique and NEW ADs are the coveted spot in a search and come with a GUARANTEE from GOOGLE!

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How Can My Business Launch Google Local Services Ads?

Only select industries and job types are eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads and must first undergo a thorough vetting process done by Google themselves to ensure they’re positioning only trustworthy and credible businesses at the TOP! To launch Google Local Services Ads, your business must first pass a screening process that includes a series of vetting questions, background checks, license checks, and in many cases, insurance checks as well. 

Google Local Services Ads are only available to businesses that pass the verification process and will earn a Google Badge of Trust that will then be displayed next to the company online, letting prospects know that Google backs your business! Home service providers will become Google Guaranteed and professional service providers will become Google Screened.  

The application process can be tedious and intimidating to many small businesses. As a Trusted Google Partner, our team is extremely quick and knowledgeable to quarterback this process on behalf of our clients & offers a seamless VIP approval process.

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These ads have changed the advertising landscape tremendously – they appear above traditional paid ads, organic starches, and even above the map packs!  To remain competitive and relevant, you must convey trust, credibility, and appear at the TOP. As a Trusted Google Partner, OMG is able to help eligible businesses through the vetting and application process as well as with the management of their Google Local Services campaigns, in order to maintain the badge of trust and keep the ads running profitably.

You choose the budget, job types, locations serviced, and are only responsible for qualified leads that come in! If you get a call for a job type or location you didn’t choose to advertise, we will show you exactly how to qualify your leads and successfully dispute invalid leads for a future ad credit- – no more wasting money on clicks or spam! This is your opportunity to begin appearing in the right place (top of Google) at the right time (when prospects are searching for the services you offer). 

To learn more about Google Local Service Ads and to check your company’s eligibility, give us a call for a complimentary consultation with one of our Google Local Services Ad experts or click on the form to point your way to SUCCESS with GOOGLE LOCAL SERVICES ADS, 800-789-461