What Are Google Local Services Ads for Roofers?

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By now, you’ve probably encountered Google Local Services Ads when searching online, these are the ads that appear at the very top of Google Local Search results. Only select home and professional service providers are eligible to launch these ads and roofers are one of them. 

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As you can see above, these ads appear at the top of Google Local Search results – even above other paid ads. Google Local Services Ads connect eligible home service providers with prospects who are searching on Google for the services your company offers. For roofing companies to launch Google Local Services Ads, they must first be Google Guaranteed. 

Only eligible roofing companies can become Google Guaranteed and must first pass Google’s thorough vetting process which includes background checks, insurance requirements, and other verification  checks to ensure Google is backing only the most trustworthy and credible roofing service providers.

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Google Guarantee – [Primary LP]

How Do Google Local Services Ads Work For Roofers?

Once verified, your roofing company will be eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads – these ads are on a pay-per-lead basis and your company is only responsible for qualified leads that choose you. No more wasting money on spam and clicks!

Setting up your Local Services Ads account is a tedious, yet delicate process that must be done accurately to ensure effectiveness. It is crucial that your business optimizes it’s Google Local Services Ads listing by selecting only the roofing job types which your business is willing to pay for in addition to only selecting service areas which your business is  willing to pay for leads from.. This ensures you’re only appearing in relevant searches and will position your company to dispute any invalid leads that might come in.

You’re only responsible for qualified leads for the services you list. Invalid leads might call in for services you don’t offer or that are outside of your listed service area. At OMG, each Google Local Services Ads client goes through a thorough onboarding process which includes optimizing each client’s account to receive the best quality leads at the lowest possible cost!

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How Much Are Google Local Services Ads for Roofers?

Roofers set a weekly budget that is derived from the average number of leads they want to receive in that given week. The budget can be modified and in many cases, we’ve had to even decrease budgets because our clients are getting too many qualified leads.

You will be charged for each qualified lead you receive through your Local Services Ad account and any lead received after you’ve reached your monthly max will be credited back to you . Google ensures your firm will never exceed your monthly budget and that you will never pay for leads that aren’t qualified so long as the call is handled correctly.

Lead prices may vary based on your business’s location, job types offered, and the type of lead (message leads are currently only 50% of the price compared to phone leads). Click here to learn more about Google Local Services Ads types, budgets, and spend. 

This is an opportunity roofers can’t afford to miss – it is positioning roofing companies nationwide to reach potential customers who are searching for roofing services online and dominate local search! 

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