What Are Google Local Services Ads for Pool Companies?

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To put it simply, Google Local Services Ads are the ads that appear at the very top of Google Local Search results – this is a first-of-its-kind, pay-per-lead program and available to only eligible home and professional service providers such as pool servicing companies and contractors who have passed Google’s screening process. 

Google Local Services Ads were strategically designed to connect eligible businesses with prospects searching online for the services their business offers. Participating businesses convey trust and credibility to prospects searching online by letting them know that Google backs their business!  

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How Do Google Local Services Ads Work for Pool Companies? 

Before your business can advertise with Google Local Services Ads, it must first pass Google’s thorough screening process and earn the Google Guarantee badge of trust! This vetting process includes background, insurance, license, and business registration checks  as well as other screening and verification checks – as a Trusted Google Partner, we are proud to offer a VIP approval process to eligible businesses, click here to learn more! 

Once your business earns it’s Google Badge of Trust, it will then be eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads and begin appearing at the very top of relevant search results – even above the paid ads and map pack! Businesses will only be responsible for qualified leads that come in for the services they’ve chosen to advertise. With Google Local Services Ads, businesses are only responsible to pay for qualified leads, if you do receive a spam call or inquiry for services you have not listed, you will have an opportunity to dispute the lead and receive the money back as an expected credit!

Although this program has the ability to take your pool company to the next level by appearing at the top of Google search results, conveying trust and credibility to prospects online, all while only paying for qualified leads, your business must be cautious throughout the approval process, ad creation, budget selection, and launch to ensure you’re showing up at the right times and only paying for results! 

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This program is helping eligible pool companies dominate local search, here’s your opportunity to begin reaching prospects who are searching for the services you offer online, check your eligibility below: 

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As a Trusted Google Partner, we’re here to help eligible businesses through the approval and launch process – give us a call today  for a complimentary consultation to learn more about the features and benefits 800-789-4619

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