What Are Google Local Services Ads for Lawyers?

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Google Local Services Ads were designed to connect professional service providers such as attorneys with prospects who search on Google for the services your firm offers. 

These ads appear at the top of Google Local Search results and, you only pay if a customer calls you directly through the ad – no more paying per click. Businesses are only responsible for qualified leads that come in for the services they’ve chosen to advertise – if you do get a spam call or inquiry for services you have not listed, you can dispute the lead and receive the money back as an expected credit. 

This opportunity is positioning lawyers to reach potential clients who are searching for the services their firm offers! 

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For attorneys to launch Google Local Services Ads, they must first pass Google’s verification process and become Google Screened. This ensures that only trustworthy and credible law firms are advertising at the top. 

Lawyers who have not yet become Google Screened can check their eligibility below:

Is Your Business Eligible?

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Google Local Services Ads are helping eligible law firms across the country dominate local search, this is an opportunity attorneys can’t afford to miss! Start conveying trust and credibility while making your business more visible all while only paying for qualified leads! 

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