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    WordPress has taken the website development world by storm. While many people still think of WordPress as a blogging tool, it has become one of the most popular web development platforms by providing users with a flexible, easy to edit, professional looking websites.

    Many of our clients run a service based business, where a mobile device is the device that customers are using to visit websites. With a responsive themed site, users are shown the website automatically formatted for the screen size they have. The is no need to code multiple versions of the website for iOS, Android, and their respective differing resolutions from smartphones to tablets.

    All of our websites come equipped with customized themes that are tweaked to use responsive elements for your website. There is no need to have multiple versions of the site, and any updates made to the desktop version will propagate through all versions of the site. Furthermore, by relying on the easy to use content management system that WordPress provides, we have empowered our clients to make minor changes if they so wish.

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