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    Association News Network (ANN)

    With our innovative Association News Network (ANN), we produce online broadcasts that provide the opportunity for associations, franchise groups, and publishers across the country to stream industry news through a professionally branded web portal.

    This system, pioneered by OMG National, has become a powerful communications tool and is helping our partners further various initiatives amongst their members and other interested parties. From the eye care profession, to towing, pawnbrokers, funeral directors, and tile contractors, OMG has grown its Association News Network into a well-rounded portfolio of industry-specific video broadcasts.

    We encourage members of any association to petition directors and administrative staff to contact us for more information regarding one of OMG National’s hottest next-generation news and marketing efforts. For more information, please visit our ANN-TV portal at, OMG National has solutions to help your association, publication, or group, thrive in today’s fast-paced market.

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