Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Facebook Lead Ads

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Getting new leads is a goal common to many businesses – Facebook Lead Ads are a solution many businesses are resorting to and here’s why:

1. Targeting Capabilities: 

Facebook Lead Ads uses the most advanced social targeting –  Facebook utilizes the most expansive set of demographic, interest, and geographic based targeting ever available allowing your business to reach prospective customers who meet the identified criteria. Facebook also has advanced targeting such as lookalike audiences, website visitor audiences, and more- simply stated, you create a compelling ad and as a business you identify what audience you’re trying to reach and Facebook puts your ad in front of those users.

Facebook claims that they are 89% accurate when it comes to targeted campaigns.

2. Diversified Lead Source: 

Facebook Lead Ads provides a diversified lead source through its 2.32 billion daily active users; with such a large volume of users who check their Facebook pages multiple times per day,  Facebook is an ideal platform to market your business. Putting the right message in front of the right audience is the formula for success and that’s just what Facebook Lead Ads is capable of doing!

3. Simplicity:

Facebook makes this simple for both the businesses launching the ad and the consumers, Facebook Lead Ads allows these potential customers to submit their information directly through Facebook with a single click. This simplicity enables Facebook users a nearly effortless outlet to submit their information to your business, “yes, please contact me”. Again, these users are targeted so you know the end user who is submitting his/her information is a viable high quality lead for your organization.

4. Measurable Results: 

The technology Facebook offers is innovative and top of the line allowing businesses to accurately measure their campaign’s investment, there is no guessing with Facebook Lead Ads. Facebook provides metrics such as reach, engagement, impressions, performance, and conversions. These ads are able to be adjusted in real time so if you’re not achieving the results you’re looking for, you can optimize the lead ads based on performance.

5. Budget Friendly:

Yes, you read that right, all of this is budget friendly! You can target your desired audience, enable them to easily submit their information, and measure the results achieved all within a budget YOU choose. Businesses can set daily, weekly, monthly, or lifetime budgets that they’re in control of. The budget can be modified at any time and there are best practices that can be used to identify competitors budgets and generate suggested budgets to avoid overspending or underbidding.

These are just 5 of many reasons to invest in FB Lead Ads, to schedule a comprehensive Facebook Leads Evaluation and see what your competitors are doing, click here!

The goal for almost any business is new high intent leads; with Facebook Lead Ads you’re getting new leads with the biggest bang for your buck. Today, Facebook Lead Ads are one of the most cost effective solutions to simply generate new leads that are hyper targeted to an extensive audience all while providing measurable results and staying within a desired budget.

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