Top 4 Reasons Lawyers Are Becoming Google Screened

2020 09 25 1

Google has recently expanded their Local Service Ads to Professional Service Providers and Lawyers are one of the eligible industries! 

Attorneys are eager to become Google Screened – this is a first-of-its-kind, pay-per-lead program that positions lawyers at the VERY top of Google while also building trust with prospects. 

2020 09 23 2

Paid ads and map pack results are no longer at the very top of Google’s result pages for local service pro searches – now, on top of the results, are a selection of “screened” businesses.

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Google Screened is currently the hottest marketing opportunity for lawyers across the country and this first-of-its-kind program reaps many benefits, including these top 4 reasons attorneys are jumping on the wagon:

  1. Appear at the VERY top of Google’s search results even above paid ads – by becoming Google Screened your business will be eligible to run Google Local Service Ads, click here to check your eligibility
  2. Convey credibility and show prospects that Google backs your business with the Google Screened badge of trust – prospects will be reassured that your business has passed Google’s extensive screening and qualification process  
  3. Maintain a LSA business profile which includes important information about your business, prospects will be able to find your firm and vital information about your business
  4. Pay for leads not for clicks on a cost-per-call basis – you will only be charged for qualified leads and calls lasting over 30 seconds

These are just 4 of many perks of becoming Google Screened, to check your businesses eligibility and learn more about our VIP approval process, click here to schedule a call with one of our Google Screened experts!

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