Top 3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Google Screened

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Law firms, financial planners, and other eligible business professionals across the country are hopping on the Google Screened train and here’s why:
1. Show up at the top of Google search results – as shown below, once Google Screened, your business will be positioned at the VERY top of relevant Google searches, even above paid ads:

Googlescreenedss V2 1
Googlescreenedss V2 1

2. Credibility – let prospects know that your business has been thoroughly vetter by Google itself and that you’re a trustworthy business. The Google Screened checkmark conveys a significant amount of credibility and trustworthiness and lets others know you have met all of Google’s qualifications. 

3. Pay a fixed-fee per call – by becoming Google Screened your business will not only earn credibility but also eligibility to run Google Local Service Ads. With Google Local Service Ads your business will only be responsible for a set fee per call – the calls must last over 30 seconds and even then, if they’re not a legitimate lead, you have an opportunity to dispute it.This is one of the most cost effective ways to get new qualified leads!

Earning the Google Screened badge of trust can be as easy as 1,2,3 with OMG’s VIP approval process, check your eligibility today.

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