Top 3 Reasons to Invest In On-Hold Messages

2020 07 10 4

Lets face it, there are times when you have to place clients on-hold – did you know, 90% of callers with silence on-hold will hang up within forty seconds? According to AT&T, over 70% of business calls are placed on hold for at least 45 seconds. Research shows that over 30% of those callers who hang up will not call back, having silence when callers are on-hold could cost you your next sale. 

Here are 3 ways professional on-hold messages can benefit your business: 

  1. Reduce hangups, research shows that customers are willing to wait on-hold 65% longer when there is not dead silence. Custom on-hold messages provide an opportunity to connect with your customers when they’re on-hold which in essence increases their call endurance.
  2. Educate your customers/prospects with valuable sales and service information; you can share new products, features, and services with an audience who is already interested in your business. On-hold messages oftentimes generate up-sell opportunities for prospective customers who might not have known about additional services or products your business offers. 
  3. Control Content, if the statistics about silence above led you to think of just playing the radio when callers are on-hold, think again.. Not only is it illegal if your business doesn’t have the music licensing but, you’re also facing the risk of advertising competitors if they have ads on the radio. 

OMG National has been providing businesses nationwide with professionally engaging on-hold messages for over 30 years. Researching, script writing, voicing, and producing custom tailored on-hold messages are one of their most cost-effective marketing tactics that oftentimes requires just a one-time investment; OMG has recently ranked amongst the top 2 Best On-hold Messaging Services of 2020.

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