Tips to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

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If your Google My Business (GMB) profile is not optimized, Google will not display your profile in search or map results. Claiming your listing is a crucial first step – optimizing your profile will then deliver results! 

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GMB profiles offer a variety of features for businesses to convey information about their company such as location, hours of operation, website, and other essential information consumers look to find online as well as features to enhance the customer experience including reviews, social posts, and more! 

Is your GMB profile claimed, verified, and optimized?  Click here to schedule a call with a GMB specialist to check your GMB profile status and discuss a strategy for complete optimization. 

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Once your profile is claimed and verified, it is crucial to ensure your profile information is accurate, up to date, and that it looks good! Visuals will not only enhance your click-through rate according to Google but will also help paint a picture for prospects – there are a variety of different opportunities to share photos on your GMB profile and we recommend leveraging them all. Cover photos, profile pics, and any additional photos will enhance prospects’ virtual experience with your business while also giving you a competitive edge! 

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Reviews are also used to help “paint the picture” for prospective clients and your GMB profile is the place to showcase them! Your reviews are a key contributor to your profile’s optimization. They are a signal trust and authority to Google – both positive and negative. Programs like OMG’s Google My Business Pro, recognize the significance of GMB reviews and include soliciting, managing, and responding to reviews in their package! 

GMB profiles, if optimized and managed correctly, will generate a significant amount of new business for your company – with Google’s 5.3 daily searches, these profiles have become essential components for businesses of all sizes and industries!

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