The OMG Way

The OMG Way is Product + Process Driving Performance

Omg 2020

OMG is an Internet Marketing Products and Platform Company.  The OMG Way is our method for helping local businesses utilize the Internet to get more new customers.

There has been non-stop technology and advertising innovation for decades. Local business owners are overwhelmed by the sheer number of marketing products and confused about how to make them all work.

The OMG Way is about removing all the jargon and complexities inherent in marketing technology and making it easy for local businesses to take advantage of the awesome power of Google and Facebook.

OMG employs a high-performance product mix that we call the ‘OMG Stack’. Our stack brings the best in local internet marketing together for our clients to grow and expand their business over time.

OMG delivers consistent and clear results and puts everything that a business needs in one place which we call the OMG Marketing Center. This is where our clients see their Proof of Performance (POP) and Proof of Work (POW).

The OMG Way is about proving to our clients that our products generate results and then introducing them to new growth opportunities that exist within complementary product sets.

We remove the silos and differences that exist between important products like websites, search and Facebook marketing, reputation management, search engine optimization, and Google local rank.

We bring these important, but disparate pieces together to form a single strategy that we have proven to generate more market exposure and leads for local businesses.

We stand for efficiency, value, transparency and trust. We drive revenue opportunities for our clients, so that they can concentrate on running their businesses.

OMG’s passion and love for local Internet marketing becomes our Clients’ secret weapons.

That is the OMG Way!

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