The internet is evolving. Is your website ready?

The internet is evolving. Is your website ready?

The internet is an ever-evolving entity. Since the beginning, the one consistent theme has been… change. For companies to thrive in the digital age they need to be able to accept and adapt to that change. After more than 27 years in business, OMG National stays one step ahead of the changes and can ensure that your business is always ready for any update or upcoming curveball that Google may throw their way. Continual training for our Sales and Account Executives, along with our key corporate partnerships, ensure that we remain ahead in the count.

Since 2011, Google has launched 8 very important updates that have changed the digital landscape. Panda, the first of these, changed the way we do Search Engine Optimization and penalized Black Hat tactics, essentially punishing those companies whose search engine tactics included trying to “trick” the engines into displaying certain results. Since then many other updates have affected countless businesses, rewarding and penalizing website listings for things like; speed of load, mobile friendliness, inaccurate page and meta descriptions, and more.

OMG National ensures that our client’s sites evolve with the times. If Google updates their algorithm, we make sure to add corresponding edits, navigational changes, and plug-in updates to keep client’s sites prominent within the search results.

How can updates affect your digital presence?

Did you know that Google Chrome (the most used browser in the world today) will roll out an update in July that can flag your website as Non-Secure? If you didn’t, you still have time to do something about it.

OMG National can help secure your website so that you’ll be ready for this update. We’ll include security protocols to ensure that you’ll never get hacked and that any sensitive client information remains secure, always. We’ll also monitor your site’s traffic so that if we see a sudden spike, we can verify that it is in fact due to their marketing efforts or that of an promotion, and not as a result of malware or some sort of hacking attempt.

In 2015, Google updated their best practices and began penalizing websites that weren’t mobile friendly, as well as sites with a poor user experience or shallow content. It is likely that the next change is something which will affect your site. Whether you ever choose to do business with us (and we hope you do) or not, staying abreast of the change inherent to the internet is an important consideration for your company, now and forever.

With OMG National, you can rest easy knowing that we have your website handled. We’ll continually update your website plugins so that the site is fast and dynamic, and we can also consistently add relevant, high-quality content for Google and the other search engines to index. This helps improve your brand’s search ranking and ultimately will help you appear within the top results where the magic happens! 🙂

Not all “web companies” are the same! Five years ago, we made a decision to become a WordPress Development Agency. Though our programmers and developers are able to work with all type of website code, most of our new sites are created in WordPress. This decision was made in part due to the flexibility, ease of end-user use, and most importantly, the inherent security which is integral with the use of high-quality plug-ins. The sheer size of the WordPress development community just makes good, long-term sense for most business websites. The process still begins with a designer and a blank sheet of “virtual” paper, allowing our clients imaginations to drive the look, feel, and functionality of their new project.

Be sure to ask for a recent sample site developed for one of our clients, we have something to match every taste and objective! Our new website program, WebWorx, includes everything you will need: design, copywriting, well-researched plug-ins for any application, updates and changes, high speed hosting, email, and now… directory management across 70+ online search, social, review, and directory sites.

Ask for a quick quote, or visit: for more details!

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