The Google Guarantee is Good for Everyone!

The Google Guarantee is Good for Everyone!

Over the last few years, consumers have been given access to resources that past generations never even imagined. The internet has revolutionized the consumer buying experience, and with the advances in mobile technology, people are Googling every product and service to find “online deals” and “the best… ” before selecting a service provider or making a purchase.

At OMG National, we help thousands of companies, across the nation, build a strong online presence. Using a proven formula for success which encompasses Local Search, Reputation and Brand Management, and Social Media strategy, this digital marketing approach is essential for companies looking to attract new customers. Adding the all-new Google Local Service Ads platform to this approach is the next logical step forward for many companies.

Google Local Service Ads Guarantees the Service

Google has been slowly rolling out the Local Service Ads in specific markets throughout the United States. This roll-out has been slow due to a scrutinizing evaluation of a business’ insurance, licenses, and employee background checks. Another prerequisite is having a stellar Google My Business listing with positive ratings and updated content. Since Google has decided to back these service providers with their own money (up to $2000), you can be sure they are thoroughly vetting the companies who apply.

This new program and other recent changes in the dynamic world of Online Marketing, make managing your business’ online presence more important than ever. Google rewards businesses that abide by their best practices and penalizes those that aren’t following the “signals” which Google has outlined in many forums, interviews, and blog posts. The signals which ensure a company is going to be found during a keyword search for a local business, weigh that company’s:

Distance – How far is the business from the Googler? Your mobile device knows where you are and Google will make sure that a search for Roofing in Miami doesn’t display results for Roofing in Tupelo

Relevance – A keyword search for Air Conditioning Repair in a local market will display a load of results. When reviewing those results, you’ll notice that the top lisings all include a robust amount of content related to Air Conditioning Repair. Sounds obvious, but many companies fail to add the right content (verbiage) to their site, their directories, and their social media platforms.

Prominence – A business with 29 reviews on their website, those called 1st party reviews, and 42 on the combined 3rd party review sites such as Yelp, YP, Google My Business, and now, the all-new Facebook ratings system, is considered more valuable result than a company with 2 Yelp reviews that both appeared on the same date. One might think this gives an advantage to bigger companies, however, it’s mostly about demonstrating to Google that you are actively doing business and consistent reviews show that.


Also, Consistency is a very important key. Displaying bad information such as old tracking phone numbers on a directory, duplicate social media pages, and multiple address and phone number data, are all negatives. Similar to your credit report, Google’s algorithm looks negatively at this. It’s about digital housekeeping, and leaving it to chance means that not only are you publishing bad information which can mislead, or even turn off a potential customer, but Google will also not display your listing or website as prominently as they could, had you addressed these issues. Consistent business information across the internet is the first, in a series of important steps towards increasing your Google Ranking.

Managing the reviews that come is next. Your reviews and how they are addressed show the public that you are on the ball, and are considered a type of user generated content which will boost your prominence as discussed earlier. Implementing a system for the management of customer reviews is very important. The advent of Google’s new Local Service Ads should be all the proof you need.

As discussed in a previous OMG National blog post, Google’s Local Service Ads give consumers a guarantee of up to a $2000 reimbursement should they be dissatisfied and unable to resolve any issues with the service provider directly. For Advertisers, Google only charges you for leads, not for the clicks, and the intuitive system uses a “slider” which you can use to determine how many leads you want per week at the published rate. Google also works with advertisers on ensuring that the leads are legitimate. If a lead isn’t relevant to your business, there is a process for dispute and in some cases, a refund to your account.

The “Google Guaranteed” Local Service Ads appear above Google’s own traditional AdWords links on the Google Search page. Once your business is included and your Ad created, your business will boast the Google My Business listing’s star rating and a strong Green Check along with the words “GOOGLE GUARANTEED”. If Google’s Guaranteeing the service, it’s gotta be good!

Final Thought

With constant change on the horizon, businesses of all sizes and all industries need to be ready. Managing and maintaining your company’s online presence is now a necessity to ensure you’re found in as many venues as you can, and you’re competing in your market.

Let the professionals at OMG National help guide your company through the maze of digital advertising. An investment in your company’s marketing with OMG, is an investment in the Intelligent Future! Speak to an Internet Marketing Specialist today at 800-789-4619 opt. 3 or schedule a quick and pain free consultation now. (hyperlink to lander)