Advertising During Difficult Times

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August 5, 2022 Turn on the news these days and surely, you’ll see it, a debate about whether we are, or are not in the grips of a recession. Economists like to argue semantics and evaluate GDP, job numbers and alike, but regardless, we can all feel it, something in the air, the hazy, dull … Read more

5 Warning Signs That it Could Be Time to Select a new Google Ads Specialist


Few advertising options have become as powerful for small businesses as Google Ads. Creating a winning campaign on your own has changed drastically over the years, and for most business owners, simply taking a look inside of Google’s Ad Manager can be overwhelming. With decades of hands-on experience, the certified Google Ads pros at OMG … Read more

Organic, On-Page SEO not Getting Respect Amongst Sexier Options


Yes, I said “Sexier”! Sexier because pay-per-lead options are faster. Sexier because new ad platforms are fun for marketers. Sexier because anything is better than the labor intensive work involved in a solid, organic SEO campaign. So despite the lack of respect it gets, the value that SEO brings is actually gaining ground in terms … Read more