OMG’s Google Local Services Ads & GMB Combined for Performance

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Real Estate is red-hot and so is the competition among Realtors. Here’s how one OMG client is standing apart, making sure she gets her piece of the action. Given today’s competitive & ever-changing landscape, helping our clients select the right blend of advertising products is a primary concern. Meet Rhonda, a real estate professional located in … Read more

NEW Google My Business Update

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Earlier this year, the Google My Business Site manager user access levels mysteriously disappeared as an option for owners to grant. Google has now made it official with an email alerting of an upcoming switch for any Site manager left on the GMB account.  In a mass email, Google My Business has alerted millions of … Read more

See How Your Business Is Appearing on Google Search & Maps & Learn How to Maximize Your Online Presence!

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Our cellphones have become extensions of our human selves. We carry with us this piece of technology that allows an instant connection to the world in ways we never imagined, and this fact is not lost on big tech. Take note of how more and more consumers are able to make purchases, get quotes, or … Read more

New Google My Business Review Update

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New users woke up to an updated Google My Business’ review interface this morning, and it’s making a lot of sense. When leaving a review, not only will you be prompted to select the professionalism, punctuality, as well as quality and value; but Google is now asking if you actually used the business, and provides … Read more