Social Media Success: Are You Ready for 2018?

Social Media Success: Are You Ready for 2018?

By: Henry Heredia

As 2018 approaches, we at OMG National are constantly analyzing strategies and trends to stay ahead of digital marketing’s ever-changing landscape. Social media, in particular, is always evolving and if you don’t pay attention, you’re certain to be left behind. At OMG National, we’re ready for what lies ahead.

It seems as if 2017 just came and went, but not without leaving its lessons. In this post, we’re going to explore the most important social media trends leading into 2018. Aspects such as optimized content, leveraging social insights, and optimizing paid social media ads for mobile are just a few topics we’ll discuss below.

Prioritize and evolve

It’s time to prioritize social networks and invest time, effort, and money into what works. Twitter is dying a slow death and Twitter leadership is struggling to keep the platform relevant. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat are gaining ground with younger generations and businesses need to adapt to remain relevant among younger generations that will inevitably gain buying power.

Content catered to your audience

Attention spans on social media are on the decline, and users are very picky about what they want to see on their feeds. Understand your audience and cater to them. Focus your social media content around your audience, keep them engaged and your business will be kept in mind. This also means integrating social listening tools to gain deeper insight into what people your audience needs, what they’re saying about your competitors, and more importantly, what they’re saying about you.

Mobilized paid social

Projections show that by the end of 2017 more than 80% of Facebook’s revenue will come from mobile ads; and Alphabet, Inc. (Google’s parent company) is expected to make 50 billion dollars on mobile ad revenue alone. The numbers highlight the importance mobile advertising has acquired, and the need to optimize ads for mobile devices to garner a better return.

Clear, concise messages with eye-catching – properly sized graphics – lead to more clicks and a better ROI. Mobile optimized content also means including captions in every video uploaded natively on Facebook. On the Facebook app, videos play automatically but are silent on default. Having captions can maintain users engaged in situations where they can’t turn on their audio.

Instant gratification means instant communication

Messaging platforms are gaining importance. Consumers look for direct and instant avenues in which to express their comments, complaints, or concerns with their preferred brand. Facebook for Business already has a chat feature and Google My Business has integrated a direct chat to instantly connect consumers with business owners. Make sure not to overlook these resources, as failing to respond to a prospect can cause your business to lose out on a client.

Final thought

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As attention spans lessen, and paid advertising becomes even more prevalent, Social Networking Sites will find new ways of maintaining users engaged. Virtual reality, conference video calls, and augmented reality are just a few things to look out for in the near future and as marketers, we’re constantly thinking up innovative ways to leverage the latest social media trends.

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