Social Media – Evolution of Social for Lead Generation

Social Media – Evolution of Social for Lead Generation

Several years ago, Facebook opened a brand-new frontier to the small business marketer. Facebook business pages became a new option for marketers to communicate content to users. In those early days, adding a business page and having a Facebook user “like” the page was powerful stuff. It meant that after the one “like”, any time the business added a new “post”, all “likers” received that post on their personal newsfeeds.

This gave companies a whole lot of power and the ability to communicate any message, quickly and for FREE!

Whether this was by design, a kind of freemium, or not, Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook, realized they were giving away this powerful ad opportunity. Soon thereafter, the Facebook Ad Manager opened and the advertisers flooded in. If you were an internet marketer during that time, you may remember that the early rap on Facebook ads was that they didn’t convert.

Rumor has it that Facebook saw this and began hiring new talent away from Google’s AdWords team. AdWords, the tried and true advertising medium had a big head start and thousands of success stories in every conceivable industry; Facebook wasn’t going to have egg on their Face. The plan worked and today, Facebook offers advertisers a seemingly new type of ad to run every week, for every kind of engagement required.

Carousel photo ads, video ads, page suggestion ads, post boosts, the list goes on and on. The revenue for their ads began to grow as business users figured out how to use the ad manager platform for maximizing results. One big reason is that Facebook has some unique data which even Google doesn’t consider within its ad display algorithm.

Let’s use an example from the real world… Cool Master Air Conditioning is a new air conditioning company in Coral Springs, Florida. They have a great service to offer, decades of experience, but are limited in their service area due to having a small fleet. They make the best margins on installations of new systems, as opposed to smaller dollar service calls for repairs. The HVAC business in South Florida is extraordinarily competitive with some very large players with huge ad budgets.


The Cool Master team knows the areas where it would like to “bundle” up its jobs, focused on a couple of cities, Davie, Plantation, Coral Springs, and Sunrise. Using a combination of well-designed ads offering new system discounts, new homeowner award dollars, or other promotions, they have been able to generate leads by “pushing” their ads to the homeowners who live in certain large subdivisions. The Ad Manager allows them to select demographics such as age, gender, economics, and other basic criteria, and then cross-reference those users with users who also “like” the Jacaranda Golf Club or who “follow” the Eagle Trace Homeowner’s Association.

The approach worked and is one part of how Cool Master is gaining ground and working more efficiently with customers who have the need and budget for these new system installations. Further, it hones the approach down to a selective number of areas keeping the jobs closer to one another and allowing for an economy of scale.

For this approach to be effective, the business owner does need to invest a little time up front with the internet marketing associate, helping them to establish a “buyer persona” and to understand the geographic considerations in that market. Once this “audience” has been created and refined, it is applied to the ads. At this point, the budget can be moved up or down depending on the needs of the company. A different set of ads will be working to grow Cool Master’s “like-base” for brand awareness and content engagement.

This strategy is one piece of the puzzle, for maximum results, we recommend combining it with things like local directory management, a solid web presence, strong collateral/sales materials, and video production. Consider these components when putting together your next marketing schedule, and if you’d ever like to discuss your marketing challenge or get a second opinion, just say OMG!

For OMG National, I’m Jesse Lubar, thanks for dropping in!

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