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2021 01 25

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Trust Pack for all Realty ONE Group Offices

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Launch with Brokers - Defend with Agents

  • Launch and Maintain Google Badge of Trust

  • Deploy Google Local Services Ads Profile

  • Determine Number of New Qualified Leads Per Month

  • Deploy Budget Maximization Strategy

  • Calculate & Monitor Response Rate™ Per Broker

  • LSA Expert Dedicated to Your Account

Maximize Your Digital Real Estate Today!

OMG’s Google Calls for Agents maximizes a brokerage’s digital real estate to drive transactions to realtors including calls, messages and bookings. Up to 6 Agents are eligible per broker office based upon market conditions, reputation, responsiveness, and budget.

Local Services Ads form a new trusted answer for active real estate shoppers on Google. OMG calls it the “trust layer.” The Google Badge is the centerpiece of Google Calls for Agents. This designation is earned by a realtor within the distinct Google Screened program. The Badge means that YOU have passed the approval process and are now eligible for running LSAs through OMG National.

ROG Agents will be supported by experts at OMG who will deploy their Google Local Services Ads profile, determine the number of new qualified leads per month, and calculate & monitor the response rate per Agent to deliver performance.

Google Screened Approval Process for Brokers

For brokers to qualify for the Google Screened badge and run LSA, service pros undergo an offline approval process that OMG carefully oversees including:

  • Personal background checks

  • Business status check

  • General liability insurance certificate submissions, in certain categories

  • Checks to ensure that the businesses holds appropriate licenses

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