Real Estate Services = “Job Types” in Google Local Service Ads

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Local Services Ads (LSA) operate within a fixed structure with limited customization pictured below:

Job Types for Realtors

At present, Google’s Keyword -> Job type -> Vertical structure gives Realtors the ability to choose from 10 available job types within the Real Estate category.

LSA Job type taxonomy for the Real Estate Vertical.

It’s important to know how Real Estate results are triggered within Local Service Ads. Covering all possible permutations and combinations is not possible within the scope of this article. However, here are some common triggers:

  • Real Estate category: Realtor/Real Estate Agent/Real Estate Broker near [location]
  • Job-type: Buyer’s Agent/Seller’s Agent near [location]

For any job-type that will not explicitly trigger Local Service Ads, such as Luxury properties, the customer journey to the ad unit becomes more cumbersome:

  • First, the searcher would click More real estate agents, just below the trust pack
  • Then, the searcher can filter among all available job types by clicking Services in the top right
  • This expands the full job-type list from which the searcher can make their choice.

Invalid Leads & Disputes

Realtors often choose to forego the “Rentals” job type. Advertisers are able to toggle job types off and on in any configuration they wish. However, if a potential customer calls regarding a job type that’s enabled, and from a service area that the advertiser has selected, the lead is considered valid, and unlikely to be successfully disputed. 

Conversely, if an advertiser has a job type disabled or service area disabled, and a potential customer calls into the ad regarding the disabled job type or out-of-area, the advertiser has grounds to successfully dispute the lead so long as he or she clearly and explicitly declines to serve the job-type/area on the recorded line. Also, the advertiser must refrain from providing pricing and exchanging business details. For example, if an advertiser has the “Rentals” job type disabled, he or she can successfully dispute a Rentals lead by following the formula below:

“Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Regrettably, I do not advertise that service, but I wish you the best of luck in finding someone that’s able to get you the help you need regarding rentals.”

Notably, the advertiser must also refrain from providing referrals. Referrals can be considered valid leads. A dispute request in congruence with a call transcript such as in the example above has a high-probability outcome of a successful dispute. 

As realty is still a new category for the Local Service Ads program, staying up on the latest changes is imperative. Stay tuned to OMG National’s blogs, videos and other content for the most up to date information. Also, we can be reached at 800.789.4619 opt. 2 or visit

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