Real Estate Agents Are Now Eligible To Become Google Screened, Are You?

Omg Real Estate Google Screen Artboard 1

We’ve cracked the code and real estate agents are now eligible to become Google Screened – today, this is the BIGGEST opportunity for real estate agents to reach potential customers who are searching for their services.

Qualified agents who become Google Screened are positioned at the very top of search results, even above paid ads! This is the HOTTEST opportunity yet for real estate agents to dominate local search!


As if appearing at the VERY top of Google Local Search results wasn’t good enough, real estate agents who are Google Screened will only pay for qualified leads not clicks – On Local Service listings, you will see the Google Screened icon next to real estate agents who are Google Screened, this lets customers know that you have passed the extensive background checks and qualifications set forth by Google. 


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