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Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners


OMG National wants only the best for its clients. This page of Preferred Partners reflects our commitment to bringing you the best solutions for your business. It’s part of our commitment to:

“Our Solutions. Your Success.”

These companies have a committed and mutually beneficial relationship with OMG National, and, as clients, you are free to take advantage of the savings, expertise and solutions offered by these OMG National Preferred Partners:

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CardConnect provides credit and debit card processing to merchants of all sizes through the incredibly powerful and robust CardPointe payments platform. As part of the First Data family, CardConnect is able to leverage all the tools and services First Data has to offer to their fullest extent. We look for every opportunity to help customers obtain more value from each transaction by developing innovative solutions that ensure accepting payments is simpler, faster and safer than ever before.

We've entered the age of Universal Commerce, where the lines between in-store, eCommerce and mobile commerce are blurred. From iconic global brands to independent coffee shops, CardConnect helps more than 67,000 organizations securely accept any payment across a diverse, constantly evolving, set of sales channels.

CardConnect is focused on delivering the type of integrated buying experience today's consumers demand — anywhere, anytime and on any device. Plus, CardConnect clients are given access to industry-leading features, such as:

  • Interchange Optimization:The CardPointe Gateway automatically passes Level II and Level III data, meaning you’ll receive the lowest possible rates for every transaction, guaranteed
  • PCI-Certified Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE): CardPointe’s P2PE security is the most effective way to secure cardholder data for swiped, dipped and keyed transactions, and thwarts would-be attackers from spreading malicious software across your network of terminals.
  • Patented Tokenization: CardPointe replaces cardholder data with irreversible tokens that are randomly generated and impossible to decrypt.

We maintain one of the highest merchant approval rates in the industry, and generally approve our merchant accounts in two days or less.

To find out how much money CardConnect can save you on your credit card processing, please visit and fill out the form on the bottom of the page or just use the form below. One of our payments experts will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Get your custom quote today, and see how much you can be saving!

  • For a complimentary savings analysis, please upload a recent processing statement.