Our Bad Reviews



Our Bad Reviews

Check out our BAD Reviews...

“We have some real stinkers!”

An Open Letter

When we started OMG in 1990, there was no internet, no review sites, no social media. “Reviews” of any company’s product or service were primarily word of mouth. Both the positive and negative experiences shared by clients, customers, patients, or even employees were limited to these “one-on-one” interactions.

In those early days, our main focus was in creating, selling, and producing telephone on-hold messages. Both my partner and I made a daily effort to deliver the most creative programming and the best service. We consistently worked hard at improving and being responsive to the occasional client complaint. That passion to provide excellent service never wavered as we grew over the past 26 years. In fact, the constructive complaints were always used to improve our process, products and people.

Technology has now evolved to the point where a disgruntled past employee, envious competitor or dissatisfied client can publicly share their opinion as easy as “point, click and spew”. Thankfully, happy clients and employees have the same opportunity.

Business hand with right and wrong in magnifying glass background. Vector illustration of positive and negative review concept. Minimal and flat design
Michael Rappaport,
Chief Creative Officer
Michael Rappaport, Chief Creative Officer

Obviously, you don’t want to do business with a company that has more bad reviews than positive, or reviews that have not been addressed. You wouldn’t want to trust parts or all your marketing and on-line presence to a company that can’t keep their own reviews in check.

So, I wanted to share some FACTS that you should consider before trusting OMG with your marketing.

In closing, if you are basing your decision to do business with OMG National based solely on reviews, I encourage you to factor into your decision all the facts.  I am available before, during and after the sale by office phone, cell phone, Facebook, email, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snap chat, in person or the best way to reach me, a quick text!

Yours for Quality and Results.

Michael Rappaport,
Chief Creative Officer

P.S. Here are some good reviews that come direct from Facebook, Google and Yelp.

Why Trust With Your Marketing


February 23

No Marketing Company of our size has only GOOD Reviews

No Marketing Company of our size has only GOOD Reviews. Check out our competitors!
YP.com  |  HIBU  |  Dex Media  |  Yodle 
February 23

Our Reviews are THIRD PARTY reviews

Our Reviews are THIRD PARTY reviews direct from YELP, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, BBB. They are not filtered to ONLY show positive.
February 23

OMG services over 4500 Clients annually

OMG services over 4500 Clients annually, many on a “month in month out”  basis. Percentage wise we are one of the BEST in the industry.
February 23

OMG is owner/operated with close to 100 full time employees

Sure we have had some unqualified, unmotivated,  under-performers on staff during our growth! We are a 26 year old company that has made the  INC 5000 List 4 Times!  We have doubled in staff over the past 36 months.  That presents an opportunity and challenge.  
February 24

Advertising & Marketing Can Be Subjective

We are dealing with advertising and marketing which in many instances can be subjective. We try our best to understand our clients needs and objectives, however no ad campaign can fix management problems, unrealistic business plan or lack of communication.
February 24

Yelp Slammed Us!

We do our best to provide results to our clients and accept input and evolved over the years to be blessed with so many satisfied clients.Yelp only seems to post the negative experiences as Recommended. What about the GENUINE Positive Reviews?
February 24

We Have A Marketing Contract

We have a marketing contract, and it is signed by client. No Legal Mumbo-Jumbo, but a statement of deliverables and time frame. We have had bad reviews for not providing results fast enough.
February 24

Disgruntled Employees & Envious Competitors

How about that disgruntled ex-employee, envious competitor or mysterious client who left a real bad review. We have had our share!
February 24

Billing Issues

You ripped me off! We have a contract, and do our best to live up to it. If you stop paying and we are providing services, we will keep on charging. If you are not satisfied with the results and we are communicating, it is not uncommon to defer billing, adjust terms, change product, etc. But please give us the opportunity, not be an internet big shot, and call us names.
February 24

We Just Plain Messed Up!

YES, we have dropped the ball; didn’t perform up to our highest standards; sales rep oversold the expectations; product wasn’t the right fit; we didn’t fully understand the clients objective or had a learning curve with a specific industry or business model. We welcome this critique and assure you that when given the opportunity, we rectified the mistake or refunded partial or all of our clients' investment based on the negative feedback.

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