Organic, On-Page SEO not Getting Respect Amongst Sexier Options


Yes, I said “Sexier”!

Sexier because pay-per-lead options are faster.

Sexier because new ad platforms are fun for marketers.

Sexier because anything is better than the labor intensive work involved in a solid, organic SEO campaign.

So despite the lack of respect it gets, the value that SEO brings is actually gaining ground in terms of importance, in a post-cookie, privacy-first world. SEO is a time-tested approach which can deliver a fantastic ROI when deployed for the right company and using the right approach. 

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As part of a well-balanced internet marketing diet, your SEO program can yield consistent increases in traffic to key areas of your site. Another attraction is that it can do so without a companion budget for buying the ads. The budget required here is mainly time and thought-based. Understanding that SEO is no quick fix, and setting aside some of your budget for it, is required. Also, up front decisions need to be made with care, ensuring that you select key areas of your site for optimization. Careful analysis here, with the help of a professional, should be a key consideration. Questions such as, “What does the competition look like if I optimize my website around Product A as opposed to Product B?” and “Which will likely move up the ranks and yield more traffic and conversions?”, must be considered.

Leveraging search data from other campaigns can also be very useful in determining the way forward with SEO. If you have access to a Google Ads campaign, study the search terms that led customers to you, this insight can guide you in terms of where to apply resources and to which parts of your website. Analysis of all of the searches which relate to your business can help clarify the mission, and ensure a data-driven, multi-prong approach is used, giving you the best chance for a successful campaign.

There is no doubt that the trends over the past decade have been on the “paid ad” side of the road. With LinkedIn, Next Door and most recently TikTok releasing new ad portals, the tendency is to try something new, to roll the dice, but these factors make the on-page optimization approach to your web content that much more important.

A truly foundational, off-page approach to your company’s internet marketing cannot tell the whole story without including a meaningful attempt at organic website optimization. Why pay for leads or traffic when you aren’t yet informed about what results are possible from a concerted SEO effort on your current website?

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