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    Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the artful and scientific practice of editing and customizing certain parts of your website to assist your clients in locating you more easily across a variety of key search terms. Powerful search strategies can be employed to ensure sustainable traction is made on the path to Google Page #1.

    At OMG National, we have seen increasing evidence that these search platforms are functioning more and more like a human would think. Google for instance, has been proven to show a site link which has a responsive theme for mobile devices, a blog with frequent entries, a well-formatted site map, video integration, social media interactivity, etc. versus a site which has a longer history on the web, but without that “complete” online footprint. The main goal for Google and other search engines is to provide the most relevant results for a search query. We have found that using logic and creativity, along with the technical best practices has garnered the most effective results for our SEO clients. Optimizing your website requires a continual effort and multi-pronged approach. Contracting with an SEO “expert” is essential, and vetting that “expert” even more so. Tricks of trade and tactics that were impactful in the past, are no longer working. Make sure the team you select has the know how, the passion and today’s best practices in their toolkit! To get a quick, complimentary SEO analysis of your website, or to setup a consultation with one of our experts, just contact us.

    Remember, our signature Organic SEO is a part of OMG’s Partner Plus – Online Marketing Package!

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