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    OMG Review Stream is the second version of our Review Management platform. Evolving from the success of our Review Deluxe web pages, Review Stream takes your online reviews to the next level. Now, your positive reviews will automatically populate your website directly. Negative reviews placed directly on any of your review, search, or social media sites will continue to be monitored and addressed, but here’s the kicker— Review Stream will help shield you from up to 80% of negative online reviews— here is how.

    Our Review Stream software will be outfitted for you as a part of your program. Your custom feedback center will then be created and you will work with your Account Executive to determine how to best use the system. Review Stream can send out customized feedback requests daily, weekly, monthly, or anytime that works for you, which will solicit feedback from your customers. Based on the number of stars, your review will either be promoted by your customer through their favorite review site, or re-routed (if it’s negative) through a customer service portal and only shared with you and your OMG Account Executive. We will then strategize with you on the best way to address that negative feedback.

    Over time, Review Stream will have the positive reviews flowing and will help your company continue to improve its overall customer service levels.

    OMG’s Review Stream is included with all of the OMG Partner – Online Marketing Packages

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